Guest Post: Shalaena Medford on why your blog is not about YOU!

A little post I did for the lovely Chantelle Atkins. Check it out! And give her a look-see. Maybe you’ll like her work!

The Glorious Outsiders

Last Friday I introduced you to my new look blog and explained why I had renamed it and focused it on a theme that connects my writing and reading habits. I promised you a guest post from the indie author Shalaena Medford who inspired and helped me with these changes, so here it is! Over to you, Shalaena…

Hello readers and fans of Chantelle Atkins! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my guest post to this very lovely author’s blog.

You read in her previous blog post about changes she has been making to her website. I also have been making changes to mine according to the things I’ve learned in my New Media course at Southern New Hampshire University. (Yep, you read that right, I’m a darned Yank from the States! Don’t worry, I will not be tossing any tea. I…

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Everyone needs their fan club. Children need their family cheering them on, “You can do it!” as they awkwardly figure out this thing called individuality. It’s trial and error, and we all need someone in the wings, applauding our accomplishments and laughing with us as we stumble gracelessly through failures. But not everyone has cheerleaders. … Continue reading Alexandra

Short Story: “A Reason”

  **Author's Note: This story takes place in the year 2003. It contains strong language and touches on a sensitive subject. Continue with caution and enjoy!**  A Reason © 2016 by Shalaena Medford Ely walked into the fading light of the evening. He tore the hospital bracelet from his wrist, picked a direction, and began walking. … Continue reading Short Story: “A Reason”