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Update as of 10.28.2018
I already warned you I’m terrible at blogging! Keeping up with this site is no exception. I make no promises for getting better.


What I’m doing

You’ll notice a new cover or two in the little images. Wanted has been released for eBook with a simple cover (still waiting on the art, so I did what I could). Fireball is a writing adaptation to an Inktober challenge called O.C.tober. I’m very behind, but determined to finish. Current daily installments are free to read on my Patreon under the O.C.tober tag.

I am still releasing chapters of A Lesson in Patience, co-written with B.R. Soule.

Speaking of B.R. Soule, I have hired her to make a new cover for my old novel Fate! On top of that, I am rewriting it. The plot is the same, major events are the same, I just realized I didn’t like some of the details. Plus I added a character who originally only existed as having died. Fate will be available one chapter at a time to $1+ patrons as a little experiment. For $3+ patrons there will be bonus short stories and scenes written from other characters’ perspectives! The first chapter from Phaet’s perspective will be coming soon. Keep an eye on the Fate tag on Patreon for more information.