The Benefits of Fangirling “Real” People

I am a fangirl. I have been a fangirl of various things in my life, usually celebrities. I mean, what teenager doesn’t have that singer or actor they absolutely can’t get enough of? Recently, though, I started fangirling a different sort of people. It all started with Chantelle Atkins. I was reading her articles for […]

The Worst Dyrkon

Hello readers! Today I am excited to announce the coming release of The Worst Dyrkon! Click that link for more info, of course. Once you’ve done that, I have posted Chapter One for everyone’s reading pleasure. If you still want to read the rest of this blog post, hooray! If not, that’s fine, I hope you enjoyed […]

Promotional: Rusty’s Chronicles – Book Tour Blitz

Rusty’s Chronicles   Rusty embarks upon an adventurous journey through life facing different vulnerabilities, conquering handicaps empowered by devotion to his unconditional love. This odyssey leads a young pup through challenges facing danger and conqueringfears through the first year of his life. The growth and knowledge of some experiences gained are through trial and error. […]

Guest Post: Chantelle Atkins – Indies As Outsiders

Hello readers! Today I would like to share a post written for my blog by the lovely Chantelle Atkins. If this is your first time hearing about her, you’re in for a treat. Chantelle is a fantastic indie novelist, blogger, and article contributor for Authors Publish Magazine (a wonderful tool for authors to look at publishing […]

The Problem With Book Giveaways

Hello readers! I’m here to talk about something that is pressured on indie writers: giveaways. I’m new to this and so I don’t know all the 411 on this, but I tried one anyway. This was my experience. What I Expected: People would enter. People would win. People would talk about my book and I’d […]

Confession: I am not a good blogger.

Are you surprised? If you are, then hello, it’s so nice to meet you! I hope you’re enjoying my website. If you’re not, then welcome back and sorry I haven’t posted. See, here’s the deal. I’m a small thought/big idea sort of person. I post Twitter updates when I remember how that thing works. If […]