Confession: I am not a good blogger.

Are you surprised? If you are, then hello, it’s so nice to meet you! I hope you’re enjoying my website. If you’re not, then welcome back and sorry I haven’t posted.

See, here’s the deal. I’m a small thought/big idea sort of person. I post Twitter updates when I remember how that thing works.

If you don’t know how Twitter works for an indie author, it’s like this: You write a quick tweet and send it. Then nothing happens. You do another one hours later and again, nothing happens. You share your blog post on your twitter and… Well, I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern.

I also like to share and post on Facebook, but mostly to my personal one because I don’t know that anyone else would be interested in the random memes I like to share. I do post to my author page, which I’ll get a like or two on a post, but never anything relevant or original, which is the worst, right?


“Hey, look at this thing I found that someone else did!” (Joe Shmoe and 20 other people like this!)

“Hey, look at this drawing/story I worked really hard on and am so proud of!” (Seen by 12 people.)


And then there is the reach thing, which I believe Chantelle Atkins wrote a blog post about. She may not have and I know the darling will correct me if she didn’t (If you did, post the link, doll!). But she is the one who tipped me off to this problem. Facebook hides page content you don’t actively interact with! Did you know that? So, 900 followers means nothing if they’re not engaging, because my page doesn’t show up on about any of those feeds. And the less people interact, the more likely Facebook is to remove my page from their liked pages! I lose likes because Facebook hides my posts! It’s really an unfair system.

Tumblr is another I like, but mostly for my alter-ego page where I share updates on a story series a friend and I are writing, as well as a series I’m writing myself. These are fanfics based in World of Warcraft, and I mean, that’s not something everyone would like, right?

I’ve fallen off the Instagram sphere because of severe lack of things to share, to be honest. I don’t lead an exciting life. But, I mean, if you want 20 more pictures of my cats and the ones that have decided my porch is a nice place to sit during the day, then I suppose I can throw more of those up.

Those are the small thought things. Quick check-ins. Even this post is a quick check-in! A small thought. My ideas, though, are always big. I write novels. Blog posts is harder, guys. You have to think up a bunch of different content ideas and write about them. But does anyone really care about what I have to say? Is there anything I can say that people haven’t already heard?

I’d thought about sharing my story series, but would that even interest anyone?

If you have suggestions about what you’d like to hear about, let me know in the comments.

There I go again, asking people for interaction. I know, is sounds like begging, right? Because it is! I have precious few followers and close to no interaction on my site. Maybe that’s why I abandon it so often, when I shouldn’t. I crave the interaction with the people out there. I want to open discussions about everything. But I can’t force it. I have to “find and build my audience.” But where are they? Who are they?

So, this is me, again apologizing for lack of blogging. If anyone would like for me to just post all of the stuff I’ve been working on, I’ll do that. It’s mostly editing for the rerelease of The Worst Dyrkon (oh! A post idea!), and writing in these stories, which are really helping hone my craft as I help my friend develop her already great writing skills and she teaches me more about drawing.

But, come on guys, I want to hear from you. I really do. I don’t like talking to the walls.

Stay abstract ❤

One thought on “Confession: I am not a good blogger.

  1. LOL! This is so mee!! Am laughing so hard at this. I have a blog and I share it on my facebook. Facebook where I have like 200 friends,most of whom I dont even interect with! And I dont even know how twitter works! I wonder how my account hasnt been closed yet! Am so bad at blogging…. #ThisBlogIsAllOfUs

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