Works In Progress

Hello readers! I will do my best to update this page every few weeks or as things change.

Updated 10.14.2022


All That Glitters

**Captain (Book 2) releasing June 1, 2023**

**Masquerade (Book 3) releasing June 1, 2024**

**(Book 4) releasing June 1, 2025**

I am currently working through book 3 ‘Masquerade’, when my brain isn’t dilly-dallying in The Lightbearer’s Blade and In Daylight.


In Daylight Universe

**In Daylight releasing November 7, 2023**

This is a new(ish) universe based on a friend’s idea she wanted me to write. I’d planned it to be a standalone novel, but shit happens and then you die. This is a collection of books that share the contemporary fantasy/paranormal world which The Worst Dyrkon takes place in. There is one character who is the main focus outside of the main PoVs, who is in every book. So far it is 5 confirmed books planned: 1 completed, 1 being worked on for NaNoWriMo 2021, 2 started, 1 in planning. There are different 4 PoVs through the series. There is a potential sixth book from a new but familiar PoV, but I’m trying to be stubborn and not add yet another to this series which was only supposed to be a one shot novel!


The Lightbearer’s Blade

This is a story that started as me memeing and was encouraged by a lot of people. I’m excited to continue it, now! It’s a planned duology. For some fun details, it’s a Roman-inspired setting and there’s a coliseum, a labyrinth, some mythological creatures, and magical people blessed by gods! Character profiles and select chapters are publicly available on Campfire Explore!



**Planned release November 30, 2024**

The story of Leslie from All That Glitters is a journey I started during NaNoWriMo 2015. I wasn’t sure it was a story that needed to be told, but the more I wrote, the more I had to tell his story this way, rather than in a short story or through dialogue in the series.


War Machines

In this post-apocalyptic cyberpunk, where the world as we know it is crumbling to rubble, Kira is the scientist who can stop the altered from converting the last remaining humans. But first she’ll need help from the most unexpected source.



A sort of sequel to The Worst Dyrkon as it is within the same universe, but doesn’t follow Vita. It follows a different character, known only as Stidh’Otha, which literally translated from Pixie is strange other, or ‘outsider’. Stidh’Otha wakes in a strange room, surrounded by Pixie guards. The only thing this character knows is they are not a Pixie, and they do not belong on this strange planet.