What People Are Saying

Here’s what readers are saying about Shalaena and her work!

Jayne Doherty says: “I loved this book! I couldn’t put it down for one second, and I got so wrapped up in the creative world and the great character development. This belongs on every avid reader’s shelf! It was absolutely fantastic!”

dragonflies1399 says: “This book was amazing! From the action-packed scenes to the calmer ones, this book kept me hooked! The characters are beautifully developed, and I found myself relating to more than one. This book is a must-read for any who are fans of adventure.”

Rea Sunshine says: “I loved this book! The story itself is fluid and continues to move and change, keeping the reader guessing. I never knew what was coming around the next page. I also loved the language- it was written very eloquently almost like a song (no pun on the main character’s name intended.) I kept expecting the story to go one way and suddenly it would change to something unexpected which kept me going. I can’t wait to find out what happens in the second book. Lots of adventure to be had and lessons to be learned in this beautiful story.”

Justine Pateman says: “I really enjoyed reading this. The characters were really interesting. I love Song already and can’t wait for more books to find out what happens to her (and Altain and Dash). Really well written with vivid imagery. A very interesting, exciting and imaginative plot. I look forward to seeing more from this author.”

Chanatkins says: “I was immediately drawn into this story, and particularly loved the author’s style. Those first few paragraphs really appealed to me, and the adventure that unfolded kept me turning the pages. I read this book in one day and it left me wanting more. We are at first introduced to Tsingsei, (or Song, as she soon becomes known as) a spoiled princess of a character, who resents the restrictions placed on her by her mother and the society she is part of. She is expected to dress and act a certain way, while inside she longs to rebel and the thought of being married off quite frankly disgusts her. Song is an outsider in many ways. She does not belong in this world of regimented roles and expectations, and when she meets street urchin Altain, she takes the chance to break free from her family who will never allow her to be who she really is. A thrilling adventure then ensues, with Altain and Song stealing a pirate’s Skyship in the hope of hunting down treasure. There are some fantastic characters in this book, not least of all Song herself, who is never perfect, but perfectly flawed and someone you instantly root for. Altain was wonderful and I look forward to him resurfacing in book two. Dash is another great character. In many ways an action packed steampunk adventure, but also a coming of age tale, in which Song has to let go of the past and construct a new, true version of herself, this book is a journey in many ways. I felt like I was on the journey with her, both the physical and the emotional one. Extremely visual, I could see this making an awesome movie! I was very impressed and will definitely be buying book two when it is released. Anyone who likes steampunk, action, adventure, fantasy or sci-fi will love this!”

Vynel says: “I have followed this author since some of her rough drafts. Small teasers here and there. Always just enough to keep me wanting more. The language, the imagery, everything just comes together to create this masterful immersion. When I saw this was finally finished I jumped on it and was not disappointed. It made suffering through countless paragraph here and paragraph there teasers well worth it. Honestly I wish I could find words suitable for this review to properly convey how amazing this was. I look forward to more work from this author.”