Misfits – Shinedown

This song inspired a scene in one of my works in progress that I found to be too beautiful not to keep. As a special treat I have pasted it below with character names omitted. (Sorry! Don’t want spoilers!) This is a first draft version with minor proofreading done.


[He] stopped behind [my friend]’s car in front of her apartment. The tears I’d been holding back broke through, rolling silently down my cheeks. I took a ragged breath. He reached across the car to wipe the drops from my chin with the back of his hand.

“Great, now I’ll look like a total idiot, going in there crying.”

He stared out the windshield and rubbed the side of his finger along his bottom lip. A slow song came on the radio. He smiled and turned it up. I didn’t know it. [He] opened his door and climbed out, then shut me alone in the music and the rain battering the roof. His figure moved around the front of the car, distorted by the rain on the windows and interrupted by the flapping of the wipers. He pulled the door open and held out his hand to me.

“Come on.”

I unbuckled and took his hand. He pulled me up out of the seat and into the rain, leaving the door open so we could hear the song playing on the radio. [He] took both of my hands and started to dance, pulling my arms one at a time to force me into moving. I let him drag me into a tentative dance, even though I was still crying. He lifted my hand over my head to twirl, my soaked hair fanned out, kicking water outward. We broke out into unsynchronized gyrations to the rhythm of the music. My hips swiveling around as he threw his hands over his head and spun around. Then he pulled me forward, holding one of my hands out as my other gripped his bicep. He teetered us back and forth, leading the way with our clasped hands. As the song ended he stepped back and pushed my hair away from my face and smiled into my eyes.


I sniffed and nodded. “Why did you do that?”

“Whether you’re still crying or not, no one will be able to tell the tears from the rain.”

I gripped him in a tight, soggy hug. Warm tears slid down my cheeks once more, but for a very different reason. “Thank you.”

“Now that we’ve entertained a few people.” He turned me to [my friend]’s apartment, where she stood in the open doorway, eyebrow cocked at the two of us. Other doors and windows of other apartments were open, curious faces poking out to see whose music was blaring, then to watch two misfits dance in the rain.

“Bye, [name omitted].”

“Have a good night.”

I held up my hand in goodbye and ran to [my friend], staying in the doorway to watch him close the passenger door then climb behind the wheel. He gunned the engine to growl more obnoxiously than he needed to, and sped out of the parking lot.

“If dancing in the rain with a guy like that doesn’t make you smile, then maybe nothing will,” [my friend] said.

“A guy exactly like that is the reason I don’t smile.”

She raised one eyebrow, but I ignored it. “Let’s get you into some dry clothes.”