Formatting Services

Yes, I do other things besides write books! Take a look and see what I can do for you.

Note on pricing and charging:
– I time my sessions with your book and keep records. Every break I take, I stop the timer. If I get distracted, I stop the timer. The first hour is a solid hour charge, no matter if I finish in less.
– I ask for an estimated half of the price up front and the remainder, plus any extra that may be added on for extra services, after completion.


Ebook – Price: $25 per hour

Sounds like a scary price, right? But I format for Author Chantelle Atkins (yep, every ebook was done by me!) and her very long novels (100k+ words) typically fall within a 1-2 hour work time. If I have to learn a new distributor’s guidelines it may take an extra bit of time. I will return to you a formatted and ready Word document.

Physical Interior – Price: $45-60 per hour – per sizing

The more bells and whistles you ask for, the higher the price. What I do is take your lovely work and I put it into InDesign and I work my magic to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. This does not include editing or proofread; I will not be changing anything to do with content.

Included in Price:

– Your choice – with my assistance – of any free typeface that complements your cover typeface for chapter headers – If you have a typeface that I can access to use, let me know the name of it – If you want it to match the body typeface, let me know
– Free body font that complements your story genre

If you want a font that must be purchased, I ask that you pay the cost to me up front.

I will return a formatted and ready PDF document.

All work is guaranteed – any mistakes made by me are fixed at no extra cost. Weird errors in Word will be fixed by me at no extra cost.

Sample work from my own novella Those Who Wander, which has a more demanding layout due to the images:


Sample pages from my novel The Worst Dyrkon, which has a more basic layout and includes page headers:



Bundle Service – Pricing: $60-80 per hour (second physical sizing will add second physical sizing cost)

Want both an ebook and a physical interior done? I will do both at one solid rate that includes slight discounts to both individual options.



Chantelle Atkins says: “Shalaena Medford has formatted many of ebooks and I have always been blown away by her professionalism and attention to detail. She goes the extra mile to ensure a document looks perfect and professional. I recently hired her to format a paperback for me as well and the result was beautiful. For writers that are short on time, or tech know how, or like me, patience, hiring Shalaena to format your ebooks and paperbacks is a very wise move.”


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