The Worst Dyrkon

Hello readers!

Today I am excited to announce the coming release of The Worst Dyrkon! Click that link for more info, of course. Once you’ve done that, I have posted Chapter One for everyone’s reading pleasure. If you still want to read the rest of this blog post, hooray! If not, that’s fine, I hope you enjoyed the other reading stuffs.

I didn’t do this with All That Glitters, but I think I’ll do this now. I’m going to give some background on the creation of this novel.

The Worst Dyrkon is special to me for various reasons. First, Vita is loosely based on myself. She’s the only character I’ve ever done that with. Not her physical appearance or the fact that she’s Canadian and lives on a farm–I’m none of that. But it’s her thought process and just how alone she feels.

Vita is the first misfit I wrote about.

Another reason it is so special is that it started out as a screenplay I began writing in eighth grade. I still have the unfinished script and oh man is it bad. The jokes are horrific and the plot was made more complicated by a special agent named Manning–who lives on in the book with a minor nod to him.

I admit there are things in the final version that I’m not 100% happy about, but I just couldn’t bring myself to changing them. The most prominent example is Zack. He ended up being way more ‘good’ than I’d intended, which changed the rest of the story. He’s actually in the script as the main villain! But that’s not even close to the final result in the book.

Go forth, my misfits, and enjoy the book!

As always,

Stay Abstract ❤

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