It’s Been a Minute

Hello readers!

I have been so distracted and I apologize for this. I have stated I’m not great at keeping a blog!

I have been active on my other site, though, posting stories based in World of Warcraft (don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about it to understand them!). They are silly stories I began creating when I discovered my character was the female match (feature-wise) to a male NPC (non-player character) named Koltira Deathweaver. So, of course I had to have fun with it! The first one is called One of Us is Going to Have to Change. Yesterday I released a Christmas story called I Got You a Gift. I’ll be continuing the stories of the two, since they are fun to make and are making people laugh (as intended).

Along the same lines is a manga I’m working on with my sister, which involves these two characters but in a more serious manner. The pages will be released over time (once we get some done, she’s got a busy drawing schedule), and will be free to view. Copyright thingies, of course. I can only claim Alisbeth and the storyline, not the other characters. I love Blizzard and don’t want to anger them!

Happy holidays!

Stay Abstract! ❤

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